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Checkup «Healthcare Optimization»

Health depends on a wide range of factors, and our lifestyle is an important influence on our health. We offer an extensive checkup Healthcare Optimization program to identify and address areas of concern for your health. This preventive and predictive approach is the first step to improving your long-term future health.

Genetic panel

genes as reliable predictors of health and welfare

Preventive genetic testing is designed to provide you with comprehensive information about your genetic background and the effect that your genes may have on your overall wellbeing.

Gene constellations are analyzed to determine your health potential, including important considerations such as weight control, detoxification capacities, cardiovascular health, physical and mental fitness, and bone health.

Although your genetic background cannot be changed, it is possible to optimize the activity of your genes. We provide personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations which best suit your own genetic constellation.

Novel biological test

the picture of your actual health status

These novel tests programs are designed to detect metabolic imbalances at an early stage, before progression to any type of disease. We identify your risk factors such as cardiovascular and inflammatory risk, insulin resistance, oxidative stress, endocrine status, nutrition and metabolism, tumor markers, neuronal plasticity, gut microbiote …

More tests can be proposed once we have your personal medical history.

The role of preventive medicine, supported by laboratory-based analysis, is to make you aware of your health status and to offer you solutions for optimizing your current and future health. This is another step toward making civilization disease avoidable and partially or totally reversible.

Our personalized recommendations help you regain control over your health and wellbeing. The medical benefits are numerous and include decreasing your risk of acquiring a degenerative disease associated with aging.

Checkup «Medical Evaluation»

The checkup Medical Evaluation program consists of a general health status assessment.
The aim is to identify primary risk factors, whether due to lifestyle circumstances or previous illnesses and conditions. This allows us to detect certain pathologies, even when there are no clinical symptoms.

The goal is achieved if harmful influences are recognized and eliminated (or at least minimized).

The personal interview with the doctor is often the most important element of this checkup. It makes it possible to establish a prognosis related to the individual context of the patient, while also considering the patient’s family and personal risk factors.

The patient is then thoroughly examined using diagnostic tools (electrocardiogram, cardiac evaluation with stress test, abdominal ultrasound, chest x-ray, gynecologic or urologic evaluation, blood and urine tests, tumoral markers) and any other test related to your personal status.

At the end, a reasoned interpretation of the results leads to concrete recommendations to prevent disease and promote a healthy lifestyle. You will take control of your health capital and influence the aging process.

Checkup «Gut Microbiote»

The main task of the gut is the digestion and resorption of food. The gut is also the most important part of our immune system; the intestinal mucosa serves as a protective barrier against pathogenic germs.

An altered bowel microflora can disrupt the barrier function and increase your susceptibility to infection. Known as increased intestinal permeability, this is regarded as an early warning sign of many diseases and afflictions (including autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal diseases and disorders, tumors, diabetes, skin diseases, recurrent infections and allergies).

Increased intestinal permeability can also induce or aggravate food intolerances.

The checkup Gut Microbiote focuses on the gut microbial flora and its quantitative and qualitative composition. The permeability of the mucosa is also scrutinized. An extensive stool test includes advanced bacteriological analysis, immunologic and inflammatory biomarkers as well as targeted genetic analysis.

You will receive a personalized report and interpretation for diagnostic purposes, including recommendations. These recommendations contribute to the prevention of functional digestive disorders and are the first steps in developing the most appropriate treatments and nutritional therapeutic measures for you. You will strengthen your flora and intestinal mucosa, helping protect yourself from endogenous infections and other diseases.

Micronutrition & food supplementsOpen tab

Micronutrition is about meeting an individual's micronutrient needs and responding to the stressors that the body is constantly facing.

It is based on research that proves the links between diet, health and prevention. We know that a normal diet, even when perfectly balanced, may not be ideal for the specific needs of an individual. In addition to its preventive impact, micronutrition can relieve many diseases and alleviate symptoms.

On the one hand, we evaluate your micronutrient deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids etc.), and on the other hand, we detect any excesses of heavy metals, free radicals and saturated fats present in food.

Depending on your test results, we optimize your micronutrient status by rebalancing your intestinal ecosystem (microbiotic strains and fibers), protecting your body’s cells from outside attacks and the effects of aging (cell protectors) and limiting lifestyle related deficiencies and dysfunction in the body (nutritional supplementation). The rhythm of your neurotransmitters when under stress, as well as functional symptoms such as fatigue, are also considered.

This enables us to have a real impact on your health.

Food supplements

As an addition to a normal diet, food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients or other natural substances with a nutritional or physiological effect.

Food supplements could contain a wide variety of ingredients for a combined and synergistic effect, including: vitamins, minerals and trace elements, proteins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, flavonoids, fibers, plants and herbs.

Supplements may be used to correct nutritional deficiencies or maintain an adequate intake of certain essential nutrients. Some supplements (or nutraceuticals) are proving to be genuinely therapeutic and natural ways to prevent and cure disease.

Best of both worlds! We issue personalized recommendations based on your test results. Our nutritionist doctor will determine the most appropriate use of supplements for you and your optimal dosage. This approach avoids the untargeted, and perhaps even hazardous, consumption of food supplements and potentially risky drug interactions that can result.

Detox therapiesOpen tab
Detoxification Heavy & toxic metals

Heavy metals such as aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury are poisoning our body. They enter through air, water or food, then circulate until reaching our cellular tissues where they stay and then start attacking our bodily functions.

In our daily life, we are often exposed to these toxic substances and we do unintentionally absorb them. Worse, our body is not able to naturally eliminate all these toxic metals, which we have been accumulating for 10, 20, 30 years or more.

The accumulation of these toxic substances has a direct implication in many mental and physical pathologies, which can degenerate into diseases (cancer, diabetes, infarction, impact on the nervous system, psychological disorders, fertility problems, early menopause, allergic reactions etc.).

With detoxification, we combat and counteract this poisoning process, preventing heavy metals from clogging and smothering our cells.

The therapy consists of injecting specific molecules to capture and remove the toxic metals from your cells (chelation therapy). Once captured and brought into the blood stream, the toxic metal will be eliminated in urine. An analysis of this urine is performed and, depending on the amount of toxic metal found, one or two additional treatments may be recommended to complete cleansing.

Removal of toxic elements is not an easy task; for this reason, we often propose a 3-month long oral antioxidant and micronutrient treatment.

Detoxification Calcium

With age, blood calcium accumulates on the walls of our blood vessels and can clog them. The circulation of red blood cells transporting oxygen becomes impaired, impacting on all your organs including the heart, brain, kidneys and ovaries or testicles.

Different diseases can then occur: heart infarction, stroke, vision loss, hearing loss and memory problems are just some examples. To maintain good oxygenation of your cells, we remove this calcium from your arteries, while preserving the calcium in your bones.

The solution we recommend is an intravenous perfusion to dissolve deposits of calcium plates. Excess calcium is then eliminated in the urine.

Detoxification the intestines

Without knowing it, we carry bacteria and fungi in our gut. These little living organisms pump and steal our energy, leaving us exhausted and unable to figure out why feel this way.

If we do nothing, these organisms remain in our gut for life and their negative impact is impressive: severe tiredness, hormonal exhaustion, immune deficiency, depression, chronic intestinal constipation or diarrhea and even joint inflammation.

We eliminate and clean your body of these silent vampires by administering large spectrum anti-parasite tablets, taken for 3 to 5 days.

Hormonal healthOpen tab
Health also greatly depends on the status of hormones, the messengers which set up communication between organs and the brain.

They play a pivotal role in our bodies. Not only do they ensure a vital function, they also guarantee a equilibrium by maintaining good health and rejuvenation. Hormones are involved in multiple mechanisms, such as sleep, growth, reproduction, sexuality, sugar and fat metabolism and even mood.

With age, health and body functions tend to decrease. Unfortunately, the good hormones decrease faster and faster while inadequate, “bad” hormones increase. Diseases of the body and mind are greatly impacted by imbalances in these hormones.

Preventive and anti-aging medicine takes particular care to maintain this balance in order to preserve our health capital.

Our approach to hormonal health is global and it requires a multifaceted approach to rebalancing it.

Based on your genetic predispositions and the hormonal indicators checkup results, the fight is carried out on several fronts: hormonotherapy based on natural bio-identical hormones, food supplements (with nutritional adaptation in relation to age) and elimination of toxins.

We optimize - without exaggerating - all hormonal levels to fight observed or anticipated endocrine disorders.

Microbiote rejuvenationOpen tab
An ecological community of microorganisms is called a microbiote. These communities are present in different sites in our body: the skin, mouth, nose, gut, and urogenital organs. The whole microorganism system is called the microbiome.

For every one of our cells, there are 10 times more microorganisms living on or inside our body. We share our life with more than 100 trillion organisms, the great majority of them helping us to perform life-sustaining functions.

The vital microorganisms community that inhabit our gut is called the gut microbiote. It plays an essential role in bidirectional and dynamic communication between our gut and our brain (the gut-brain axis), influencing the brain function. The gut microbiote also has major implications for heart health (the gut-heart axis).

The microbiome comprises of various types of bacteria, fungi and viruses. A healthy and diversified microbiome limits the development of pathogens, thus preventing infectious diseases.

Our rejuvenation treatment rests on a microbiote transplant. Restauration of the youthful diversity of the human microbiome has a major impact on our health and wellbeing. By correcting alterations in the composition and function of the microbiote, we prevent a multitude of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders, hormonal involution, neurodegeneration and neuropsychiatric illnesses, among others.

This epigenetic rejuvenation, which is independent of your genetic background, is not only preventive but also has applications in anti-aging medicine. The microbiote exchange can reverse premature aging by re-activating genes from younger adulthood.

It has become evident that our microbiome is crucial for our survival, health and wellbeing. Well synthesized bacteria, adapted specifically to each individual, will soon become novel medicines to cure what have so far been considered incurable diseases.

To sustain the long-term benefits of this rejuvenation therapy, we recommend a healthy lifestyle, regular detox treatments and appropriate food supplements.

Good health
& living well

Give yourself the opportunity to stay healthy as long as possible.

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Give yourself the opportunity to slow down the aging process.

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Good health
& living well

The focus of our medical and clinical care on the 3 areas of action (screening, prevention and treatment) makes our medicine predictive and preventive, personalized and participatory. This ensures the best possible health outcomes for our patients.

Thanks to biomedical tools, we can assess your disease risks. These are unique and different from one person to the next, just like other more obvious personal characteristics.

According to the needs identified through testing, we will propose advanced treatments and a monitoring protocol to maintain and strengthen your health capital.

We will also propose the optimal dose of food supplements and nutraceutical products to overcome any identified sub-clinical deficiencies and ensure proper organ functioning.

At this stage, it is no longer a question of simply preventing disease, but of predicting it. Instead of being fatal, our approach means that disease can become a predictable, traceable and hopefully preventable event.

Ultimately, we offer you the opportunity to maintain good health for as long as possible.

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Healthy aging

Longevity medicine aims to decelerate the aging process

We are now living longer than ever. We are therefore increasingly exposed to chronic and degenerative diseases. Aging, while certainly inevitable, does not mean having to waive your right to live well.

The challenge for the medicine of longevity is, therefore, to help you pass through the decades while staying in good physical and mental health. However, to be truly effective it must be informed by an understanding of your unique health risk factors: the sooner you are aware of these, the sooner you will act on them and thus hinder the progression of disease.

We support you by taking a preventive approach. We check all your pathophysiological and genetic risks associated with aging. This includes extensive assessments that consider numerous parameters related to your physiological age, including cell senescence and telomeres, as well as your genetic predispositions.

Our medicine of longevity includes exclusive treatments and well-designed food supplements to positively impact your body.

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